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Nagarjuna Educational Society is functioning excellently in educational field. I started Nagarjuna Educational Society in 1991 with the mission of providing highest quality education to downtrodden, needy and poor students. I am very happy that this society is achieving its mission.

Today, under the aegis of NES, we have different wings of education in different fields. Now, society is comprised of five institutions. I started Sankar Reddy Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, keeping in views the future demands of society and industry to face the challenges of science and technology revolution. As we have entered in a Globalized world, we should be prepared to take the competition. The college is dynamic in every sense. I am delighted to know that this institute has established its reputation as one of the best Pharmacy colleges under JNTU Kakinada.

To meet the demands of industry, research abilities should be inculcated in students. I aim to make this college an excellent research centre in near future. I foresee a bright future of this college.

My best wishes for your career.


Pharmacy Education : Preparing The Servant Leaders Of Tomorrow
Sankar reddy institute of pharmaceutical sciences exists to advance human health and quality of life by imparting value based updated pharmacy education and spiritualism so as to develop professionally competent and socially obliged pharmacists with highest nobility & self respect.


Giving highest priority on personal, professional, social and spiritual development of the student, which will nature highest nobility & self respect in them. Creating educational experiences in Pharmacy, which will support our students and prepare them to face ever coming challenges in research and practice environment, Bolstering an infrastructure that fosters continuous quality education and ongoing career development.Seeking Industry Institute Interactions to advance learning science and practice.

About Pharmacy:

Pharmaceutical Sciences and Technology encompass all aspects of the discovery, development, manufacturing, administration and utilization of therapeutic drugs..

Pharmacy is a versatile, growing and increasingly diverse profession. Pharmacy is an age old profession and in recent times with phenomenal rate of advances in the pharmaceutical industry, the health care industry has thrown open sea of opportunities for Pharmacy professionals.

Indian Pharmacy industry is a success story. It is providing employment to millions and assuring drugs at affordable prices. The Indian Pharma industry is in the front rank of science based industries and is estimated to be worth US $3.1 billions. Indian Pharma industry is the 3rd largest in the world and most advanced. There are over 20 thousand registered Pharma companies in India and many units are approved by U.S.A FDA.

The good news is that there are more than 2 Lac vacancies in Pharma industry and only 60,000 students pass out every year. Hence, there is a wide gap between demand and supply.

Considering the above facts Pharmacy graduates have ample job opportunities in the field of research, quality assurance, quality control, manufacturing, CROs and KPOs , Pharma sales and marketing and product management. It is a noble profession which unfolds a vista full of opportunities leading to a global future.


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